Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Reverend James Williams of Llanfairynghornwy

Reverend James Williams of Llanfairynghornwy

James Williams back in 1835
Saw a wreck two miles from Aberffraw
The Sarah out of Liverpool was lost
So James took charge of rescue
and how

He “happened to be in the neighbourhood”
He organised a line from ship to shore
From mast head to the cliff top
and held firm
By local men with strong arms
and more

The sea was raging - pulling at the rope
As fourteen men swung over in the air
The ship - reduced to matchwood as they left
But they didn’t care
they didn’t care

The Reverend Williams rode out after wrecks
Reclaiming bounty from the roaring sea
He stripped the desperate sailors from the decks
Not one died
if he could be set free

2002 CPR

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