Friday, 1 April 2011

The Duke of Northumberland

Whipping the foam - white off the water
Swamping the
Harold - caught near the rocks
Pushing the men - the men in the lifeboat
Pushing them on - too close to the rocks

The Duke of Northumberland
The finest steam lifeboat in the land
22nd of February 1908
The Duke of Northumberland
Saving the Bencroy hand-over-hand
From being aground in the storm - and went home to wait
The steamship Harold on course -
Between North and South Stacks - for the rocks
Driven in by mountainous seas and a force 10 gale
The steamship Harold on course
Anchored - in breaking seas - near the rocks
And Coxswain Owen fought to reach her Refused to
Hours beaten in the wave
And risking disaster on the shore
Then throwing a line - throwing a line to help men out
Hours beaten in the wave
Hauling seven men through the seas' roar
When the great wave came - picking up and hurling the boat
As she touched the Harold's side
Desperately the coxswain fought to save
Two last men were hauled aboard from Harold's heaving deck
As she touched the Harold's side
Battened stokers - beaten - still they gave
Power and strength to clear the Harold's side - leaving a wreck
Steaming into deeper sea
Twelve men saved the lives of nine that day
And their greatest reward was fighting courageously
Steaming into deeper sea
Back to Holyhead - safe from affray
To medals - for saving the men - ingeniously

(I Gold and 11 Silver Medals - Presented by the President of the RNLI - The Prince of Wales)

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