Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Graham Drinkwater of Holyhead

Graham Drinkwater of Holyhead

He’s parked at the bar
with a drink in his hand
a couple of friends at his side
He doesn’t talk much
of the night of the storm
nor tell you how he felt inside

They’d heard Nafsiporos
was caught near the rocks
just west of West Mouse on the drift
The Holyhead crew
and the Moelfre crew too
went out to see who they could shift

Ship’s crew lined the rails
and their lifeboat swung free
Nafsiporos rolled over until
one lifeboat St Cybi
was crushed by its weight
Well-battered - it floated there still

St Cybi took turns
Watkin Williams and she
their brave coxswains gauged all by the eye
Storm-yawing and pitching
drove under the lee
of that dangerous ship with the cry

of the crew on the rails
who - frightened to jump
were given the chance til they did
Five men to St Cybi
Watkin Williams took ten
then turned in for safe Holyhead

The man at the bar
was fifteen on that day
He served his brave turn with the rest
His medal’s at home
but he’s served all his life
You’re drinking with one of the best.

Graham Drinkwater

2002 CPR

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