Tuesday, 5 April 2011

1973 - Rhyl - Don Archer-Jones

1973 - Rhyl - Don Archer-Jones

The boys liked to be beside the seaside
Beside the seaside
Playing near the sea
But they didn’t know about the seaside
About the seaside
And just how ferocious the seaside could be

They played all day and the tide was out
They looked at sand - it was all about
And by the time they began to shout
The seaside was all around their feet
They climbed onto a sewer outfall
And wondered if they’d get back at all
In fear of waves - they began to call
And the seaside was all around their legs
But Don Archer-Jones was told in Rhyl
And he knew how soon the sea could kill
He ran to the lifeboat with a will
And the seaside was all around their waist
With Paul Frost he raced against the tide
To lift off the boys before they died
They reached them and hauled them both inside
The seaside was all around the boat

Don Archer-Jones - Bronze Medal
Paul Frost - Medal Service Certificate

2002 - 0156 5722738 -

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