Friday, 1 April 2011

Ghosts of Children

Ghosts of Children

The single silent ghosts of children linger

On sand and rocks and inlets by the sea
They walk on water - point accusing finger
Open big eyes - look at you and me

But oh the children drifted off for ever
In tiny boats - on lilos - on the wave
They jumped - or sank - and will return home never
In spite of all the efforts made to save
The sea - a legacy - she is our mother
Calm on days we see her in the sun
Turning into violence in winter
Always there - no matter what she's done

Don't take her for granted or you'll suffer
Realise she likes to have her way
Use imagination when you meet her
She may take your children off one day
Keep your children safer - teach them swimming
Make them wear a floating vest at sea
Teach the tides and dangers - a beginning
Little lives are precious - you'll agree
Lifeboat crews are there to help - in danger
Everyone will try to help a child
Facing up to deaths in grief and anger
Knowing they can't rescue every child

© 2002 Charlotte Peters Rock

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