Friday, 1 April 2011

Geoffrey Ingram - Human Float

Geoffrey Ingram - Human Float
07 April 1985

I can't give the name of the speedboat
She sank in the howling sea
A mile and a half east by south of Exmouth
And left in the water - three

Two women - one man - from the speedboat
None with a life-jacket on
Came Carol Finch and her crew from Exmouth
To see what could be done

They found all the three in the water
High waves kept the boat away
Life-jacket on - Geoff Ingram out of Exmouth
Over the side and away

He held up two women - to save them
The man swam to meet the boat
Geoff brought two women - exhausted - to Exmouth
By using himself as a float

I can't give the name of the speedboat
But Caroline Finch - lifeboat
Brought  three lucky people to shore in Exmouth
It was lucky they could float

© 2002 Charlotte Peters Rock

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