Friday, 1 April 2011

Dog of Rescue

Dog of Rescue

The Darlings were walking gently
Near Redcar Cliffs one day
With dog-companion Monty
When the sea got in their way

They climbed on some rocks and shouted
In nineteen-ninety-two
Ninteenth of January - Cold
And they didn't know what to do

When the lifeboat came from Redcar
With Helmsman Peter Hodge
With Derek and Barry - crewmen
Well they had to stand and judge

Just how could the lifeboat - safely
Get in to lift them out
So Barry swam and Derek swam
With two ropes wrapped round about

They hauled in the lifeboat - gently
Its engines in the air
They loaded the frozen Darlings
Who had started to despair

The lifeboat was battered wildly
Hauled clear through the pounding sea
And dog-companion Monty
Knew well what he'd like to be

He'd like to be a Lifeboat Hound
Going out to sea with his crew
Where lifeboats brought home the darlings
He was a Dog Of Rescue

QUERY: Wonder if he was directly descended from Grace Darling?

© 2002 Charlotte Peters Rock

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