Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Llandudno Lifeboatmen

Llandudno Lifeboatmen

And Irvine left the baby in the pushchair
And someone left his dinner growing cold
And someone jumped a taxi without money
And someone kept the car he might have sold

But no-one in Llandudno thinks they don’t care
They know that risks are taken on the sea
They understand the men aren’t being funny
They always pay their dues eventually

They follow father in to crew the lifeboat
They jump up night or day - with life on hold
They freeze at sea for hours in the winter
In willingness they’re worth their weight in gold

But danger is no stranger in a lifeboat
It turns out into any raging sea
And trawls to keep the swimmers safe in summer
With lifeboats there’s no “be - or not to be”

A lifetime of devotion brings no money
Just one day the decision “You’re too old”
And now you’ll have to crew the lifeboat trailer
You can’t go out on rescues - you’ve been told

The only way that you can now give service
Is raising help to keep the men at sea
It’s not the same as going out to rescue
But it’s the way the new life has to be.

2002 CPR

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