Friday, 1 April 2011

The Helmsman - Barrie McGill

The Helmsman - Barrie McGill
The man behind the beard was once The Helmsman
Who travelled the Atlantic 21
They turned it out in April Seventy-seven
For rescuing an injured mother's son

Three young men had been climbing Wylfa Headland
When one of them fell desperately down
Beating on the rocks - to land in water
Unconscious - he was lying there face-down

Two young men - white-faced - slid down to save him
Tried to haul him to the headland top
Brought him to a ledge - the rescue gave him
Clearance from the tide - below the drop

One young man swam on to find him help then
They turned out the Atlantic 21
With Michael - Noel - and Barrie as the helmsman
Hurrying to see what could be done

The boy was wedged - they called the helicopter
The Coastguard abseiled down along a line
He and Noel then hauled him up by stretcher
And sent him off by air The Grand Design

is "Do what you can do from in the lifeboat
Call for help if you can not succeed
Find the best way forward - from the lifeboat
Work with anyone when there is need"

The man behind the beard is still The Helmsman
Who travelled the Atlantic 21
Now he makes decisions at The Station
And raises help for every mother's son

He keeps the volunteers in shape for rescue
He keeps the money coming in as well
He frets and worries if they're late in from rescue
The Helmsman still works hard - as you can tell

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