Friday, 1 April 2011

Racing the Wind

Racing The Wind

The Fastnet Race of seventy-nine
A hurricane blew in
The lifeboat out of Baltimore
Stayed day and night at sea
The Court McSharry veteran
Chased Wild Goose - couldn't see
Then towed the yacht - the Casse TLte
And - careful - brought her in

Overhead - the helicopters
Whirring in the windrace
Hauled in the men - and left the boats
Sunk - empty in the sea
Thirteen people died - by drowning
None could reach them safely
Lifeboats bucketed and wallowed
Their efforts no disgrace

Lashing water froze the brave men
Food was in short supply
Court McSharry did her duty
Hauled the yacht from the sea
Staggered into port - exhausted
Where good folk lined the quay
And lifeboat men came from the gale
Re-stocked and then got dry

Don't forget that lifeboats carry
Towing boats - if they can
Twelve more came with Court McSharry
Rolling in on the high sea
Sixty people - twenty yachts - were
Slowly brought to safety
From Fastnet - by dedication
Of all the lifeboat men

13 men - died in the water
13 men - racing the wind
13 men - died in the water
Racing the wind
Racing the wind

2002 Charlotte Peters Rock

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