Friday, 1 April 2011

Fergal Walsh

Fergal Walsh
18.8.2001 - RNLI Silver Medal

They called the Ballycotton lifeboat out
Waterford and Shannon came by air
But Fergal knew the boy - without a doubt
Would be long dead before they all got there

John Carthy - out from Dublin - with his friend
Was swept up from the shore by one great wave
When Tom jumped in - he thought he'd met his end
He struggled from the sea   He could not save

Strong waves still battered John against the reef
The broken seas exhausted all his will
He couldn't reach the shore without relief
On shore they watched - and knew the waves would kill

Peter held the line as Fergal leapt
Swimming in a sea that beat him back
Onto rocks - but still he swam and kept
Hope alive above the sea's attack

John - face down - was breathing in the sea
Fergal threw his arms around to save
Beaten by the rocks and still not free
Both were battered - rocks and reef and wave

Slowly Peter hauled them both to land
Line round Fergal's neck and body caught

Peter - felled by waves - just could not stand

Rose and fell   Determinedly he fought

Up the beach - and working hard on John
Keeping him alive in any way
Fergal wouldn't let the boy be gone
Gave him strength to live that awful day

Just a lifeboat man out for a walk
Using all his courage and his skill
Fergal Walsh did more than walk and talk
Risking life - where waves and rocks would kill

© 2002 Charlotte Peters Rock

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  1. This is a lovely song written about my uncle,many thanks <3