Tuesday, 5 April 2011

1828 Frances Williams

1828 Frances Williams

Frances was off to The Skerries
The Holyhead lifeboat was trapped
The lifeboat from Cemlyn could reach there
So Frances joined James and well wrapped

Her medicine chest for the keeper
The light-keeper on Skerries shore
She used all her courage in storm seas
She used all her knowledge - and more

Frances cared well for the keeper
Until he was fit for his post
In heavy seas courage had conquered
As courage still conquers the coast

In Anglesey life-saving’s flourished
Through Frances and James and the rest
Who couldn’t just watch all the damage
Insisted on doing their best

Remember the Reverend’s wife - Frances
Who brought the lifeboat to Cemlyn
Her husband - the coxswain - was anxious
To save the men
            and save the souls
and let the life-saving begin

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