Friday, 1 April 2011

Coxswains Lifeboats and Courage


Coxswains Lifeboats and Courage

For twenty-four years Hugh Jones was the coxswain
Of the lifeboat in Llandudno
Memorial to Miss Brown - who died in Toxteth
Sister’s Memorial in Llandudno

In 1875 Hugh’s brother Richard
Of the lifeboat in Llandudno
For fifteen years coxswain - seeing Sunlight
Sunlight Number One in Llandudno

In 1890 John Hughes - coxswain - followed
To the lifeboat in Llandudno
Men dragged the boat - much cheaper than the horses
Theodore Price came to Llandudno

From nineteen-four Ted Griffith then John Owen
Were the coxswains in Llandudno
When Ada Mary sank - John Owen - coxswain
Fetched all the crew off to Llandudno

A medal - cast in bronze - rewarded courage
Of man and crew from Llandudno
Down all the years - with better boats - they manage
With bravery born of Llandudno

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